Magazine covers

There are magazine covers in which impossible figures were used.

Covers of popular scientific russian magazine "Kvant" about phisics and mathematics.

Mad, 1965, N5

This is the first occurence of famoust impossible figure by Norman Mingo - impossible trident which is called sometimes as devil's fork. 

There's a site where all covers of Mad magazine are collected

Games, 1984, N12

More than ten impossible figures were used in design of the cover. There are variations of impossible triangle, impossible trident and endless staircase. You can a variation of Shepard's impossible elephant as a deep on a book cover. Besides, take a look at cats which go through archimedian polyhedron then enter and go out from inlay on paper. This is the variation of M.C. Escher's litograph "Reptiles".

Vvedenskaya Storona, 2006, N2

An illustration of Jos de Mey's artwork was placed at the cover of russian magazine for children about art. An article about Jos de Mey was published there.

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