Some videos and links to videos about impossible figures were collected here. Animations are represented in two formats - MPEG4 and Macromedia Flash. MPEG4 driver can be downloaded from, Flash from

Animated Escher's litograph "Waterfall"
(AVI - 39K)
Sphere driving down by the endless stair
(AVI - 39K)
Rotating of the crazy crate
(AVI - 32K)
Rotation of the figure that forms the impossible triange
(AVI - 52K)
(GIF - 71K)
Rotation of the figure that forms the impossible triangle
(AVI - 174K)
Rotation of the figure that forms the complex impossible triangle
(AVI - 214K)
Impossible junction of gear wheels
(Flash - 9K)
Animated Sandro del Prete's image
"Illusion and reality"
(Flash - 18K)
Assembling of impossible triangle
(Flash - 9K)
Collection of six impossible animations.
(Flash - 138K)
Accurate animation of cuboid
(AVI - 290K)
Assembling of impossible triangle from 3D-cubes
(Flash - 10K)
Impossible triangle animation
(Flash - 50K)
Animated Escher's image "Ascending and Descending"
(GIF - 40K)

Other clips
The episode from the film "Labirinth", where Jennifer Connelly and singer David Bowie were acted. Jenifer's heroine enters to room resembling Escher's "House of stairs". (View one frame from the movie)
Rotation of crazy crate. This animation was made using raytracing program. Crazy crate is represented in perspective (not japanese projection). Crate's shadows were showed.

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