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My name is Vlad Alexeev. I works as programmer for a company that develops access control systems. At free time I like to program for my satisfaction, listen music (progressive metal) and read fantasy books.

For some time past I have interested such artworks and figures that looks usual at first sight, but there's something wrong if they are looked attentive. The most interested figures for me were "impossible figures" which gives the impression that these figures cannot be existed in real world.

I wanted know more about them and tried to find some information about them in Internet. I found numerous sites containing three or four different impossible figures, but there wasn't a site directed to study of impossible figures. During this pursuit I made the acquaintance of impossible figures of Sweden artist Oscar Reutersvärd and images of holland artist M.C. Escher.

Gathered big collection of impossible figures I decided to create unique website about impossible figures where will be published information about impossible figures and impossible art as much as possible. So, at the end of May 2001 the site was opened.

During these years some relations were established with various artists. Some of them are Jos de Mey from Belguim, Vicente Meavilla Seguí from Spain, Lybov Nikolaeva (NIKOL) from Ukraine and Stefan Jeppsson from Sweden.

There are some impossible figures at the site that was created by me and my friends. I wish to thank Alexander Shumov for many impossible shapes, and Anna Kravchenko for impossible giraffe. I also with to thank Evgenia Ugolnikova for valuable stuff for the site.

I examine internet periodically for new impossible figures and paintings. If you have some figures that were not included to the site please send them to me or send me a link where these figures can be found.

Best wishes
Vlad Alexeev

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